According to our local body piercers, we have the BEST aftermarket body jewelry in the area. Not only do we make sure it's great quality, we make sure the price is fair. Which means better quality for less cost vs mall brand body jewelry. Can't find what you want in store? We also Special Order body jewelry! 
We also have Arctic Fox Hair Color (Vegan), T-Shirts, Posters, Murals, Vinyl Care Kits, and other great gift items.


We carry New and Used Compact Discs. Many in the area call us the best music store for this reason. Every item is catalogued and easy to find. We have everything from the newest releases to items which have been long out of print! Get $2.00 off CD's on Tuesdays!


We have the best selection of New and Used Records in town. All fully catalogued and inventoried. We also sell brand new turntables which will play vintage records to 180G Audiophile collections! Come in on Monday and get $2.00 off most Records!
We are also a Record Store Day Participating Store! 

714 S Washington St. Grand Forks, ND  58201

(701) 775-5172

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